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Kentucky at Florida Post Game Coach Cal and Player Press Conferences Videos

Kentucky Wildcats TV are back with their post game videos following the game at Florida. First up is Coach Cal’s press conference where he addresses the media about what went wrong during the game and what he thought of the team’s response in the second half. Following Cal’s presser is a player’s press conference video featuring Julius Randle and Dakari Johnson. As always, you can find our rough transcript of what the media asked the coach and players below each video.


How about the 3 that Wilbekin hit when you guys had cut it to like six?

Cal, I think you said you don’t know when the light will come on, and it might not at the end of the day… [cut off by Cal]

John, it seemed like when you made the run really late in the first half and when you made the run in the second half Julius was really active in getting the ball to the goal… [cut off by Cal]

Cal, you’ve never been a big fan of the conference tournament, but how important is that for this team?

How well, John, does Florida execute? Just put it in perspective as it’s something that hasn’t ever been done in the SEC… How well do they execute and play the game?


Was the idea on the run, Julius, to go inside to make it happen there?

Julius, Cal usually downplays the important of the SEC tournament. How important is it for you all this year?

What tells you that [referring to Julius saying they still believe and that something has to change] and why are you confident you will?

Julius, how big was the three by Wilbekin when you guys had cut it down to six?

Is he [Wilbekin] the MVP of this game… of this league?

Julius, what were you thinking when they were up 22 right out of the shoot?

What do you think you did better defensively during that run? Because they only scored, you know, four points there for a while.

Dakari, we’ve been talking to Julius a lot, but do you feel the same way as him [about making a run]?

Did you guys ever have a moment in this game where you thought, if Florida wins then they’ll be perfect in the SEC, and you thought that this should have been us?

Kentucky vs. Alabama Senior Night Festivities, Highlights, Press Conference, and Player Interview Videos

Kentucky Wildcats TV have been busy posting lots of great videos for UK fans. First up are the senior night festivities for Jarrod Polson and Jon Hood followed by UK highlights synced up to the Tom Leach radio broadcast. After that we have Coach Cal’s post game press conference with the media. Finally, we have Jarrod Polson, Jon Hood, and Dakari Johnson player interview videos. After each video you’ll find our rough transcript of the questions the media asked the coach and players.


With James Young poor shooting… Do you want him to keep shooting out of that? He doesn’t seem to hesitate, or do you just want him to say it’s not his night?

Cal, there was a play where Dakari [Johnson] hit a shot and then you went and gave John Hood a high-five. What happened?

Cal, a little bit off the subject of tonight’s game, but you talked about it a little bit on last night’s radio… and Joe B. Hall talked about it some today… How much is your hip bothering you, and how much has that been a pain for you this season? [Cal responds by saying it’s been bothering him but he has no excuse and that he’s just a negative guy… the Cal starts laughing hysterically and slapping the table, which leads to the next question]

Are you on pain medication right now?

Has that been a rough thing though [hip problems] to deal with during the season?

John, when you said the players are fine and they’re having fun… watching them it doesn’t always look that way. What makes you say that?

Cal, there was a stretch in the second half you guys were really getting after it–Andrew dove on the floor for a loose ball–how much of that happens though only when shots fall?

Talking about that Florida game, there’s so many story lines you can look into that with them trying to go 18-0. What are you kind of zone in on in that game?

Cal, what is the mark that Jarrod [Polson] and Jon [Hood] have left on this program?

John, since you said you have five filters before anything gets to you… how did it get to you about the fact that there was some talk out there about you not coming back?

So you are coming back?


And walking out, the people cheering for you… Just what was going through your mind and body?

Sharing it with “Hoody,” since you guys are so close, does that made it even better?

Jarrod, how much does it mean to you that both of you actually scored tonight?

How much better were you guys tonight?

Cal talks a lot about 18 and 19 year olds… given you and Jon’s experience in the past years with all the players you have been with and post season experience, how do you all think that [it’s hard to hear, but I believe he asks what will they be able to do to help the younger guys in the post season]

Do you find they listen to you when you say that [you can’t let up at all once the tournament starts because it’s win or go home]?


Before the video starts, a question was asked in regards to how rattled the team was to start the game…

What do you mean, Jon, by redefine who you are? What does that mean, exactly? What is the definition?

Jon, can you talk about just your emotions going through the hoop [during the senior recognition festivities]–just what was going through your mind and body and that kind of thing?

And the fact that you did it with Jarrod [senior night festivities], as you say your best friend, that’s gotta make it even a lot more special…

Jarrod was saying you were talking trash that you were going to shoot a lot of shots… He said you were going to shoot 15 and that you almost got there.

And you got one [a 3-pointer] and he got one, and you both had one by the first TV timeout–that was pretty cool.


Do you feel like that something that somebody doesn’t normally do [play with energy during adversity and coming together] that you’re willing to do?

Do you think guys are listening when you try to do that?

How long has that been going on for–what you guys were talking since [referring to the energy/doing what Cal wants them to do comment]?

Has it been really strange with you guys facing adversity when most of you guys are not used to it?

Has this season been a lot tougher than you thought it was going to be?

Cal said he could tell some of the young guys were “rattled” was the word he used. Did you feel that way?

What went on in that locker room? Jon [Hood] came out here and was actually pretty funny and giddy with us. We haven’t seen that side of him in a while.

How was he [Jon Hood] after the game with you guys? Was he funny, joking, and cutting up with you all?

Kentucky at South Carolina Post Game Coach Robic and Players Press Conference Videos

Kentucky Wildcats TV have uploaded the post game videos for yesterday’s South Carolina game. Coach Robic fills in for Cal for the coaches’ press conference, and Aaron Harrison and James Young are featured for the player’s press conference. Below each video you’ll find our rough transcript of the questions the media asked the coach and players.


John, you said you played great with 10 minutes to go, you’re down 55-39. What did you think was going on up to that point?

John, this is the third straight game you guys have struggled from the perimeter shooting the ball. Is that an issue? How big of a handicap is that?

John, do you think the disappointment with the loss the other night carried over to tonight?

How would you describe the emotional state of the team right now?

John, why isn’t Cal here?

How did you find out you were going to be doing this [the press conference]?

John, why do you think after John [Calipari] got ejected that it seemed like the energy level picked up from the team?

You didn’t think you played harder than what you had?

John, you have a freshman oriented team, obviously. Shouldn’t the head coach be there for guidance or for any other reason? Why put yourself in a position [to get ejected]?

John, since Coach Calipari isn’t here to answer the question… What was the frustration? Why was he so frustrated with the refs tonight?

Do you like the shots, John, that they’re taking from the perimeter? Do you think that it’s all getting in their minds a little bit?

For either of you guys–James [Young] or Aaron [Harrison], what was different between the first 30 minutes of this game for you guys and the last 10? What changed?

John, could you talk on the last three when Alex took the shot? Was that the designed play or was he just the guy that was open and that’s what you wanted when it came around?

How well do you think your guys played defense down the stretch? Defending the in-bounds and so on?

Aaron, how frustrating has this week been with the loss Thursday and the performance today? And how tough is it going to be to come back with just one week in the regular season left?

James, how do you guys come back from this one? You know, this is a tough loss–after the Arkansas game a lot of people figured you’d come in and right things. How do you guys come back? And you know, it’s March now…

Do you guys feel that you banded together at the end at all and showed some fight?

Cal was obviously not happy with the officiating, but there were several times it was obvious he was not thrilled with individuals out there… you could see him jumping up and down and stomping and screaming “pass the ball” and throwing up his hands and bringing guys over and getting in your ear… Could you sense the frustration was boiling over with you all as players today?

Is it too late to do that this late into the season?

Aaron, when you say this could still be a great story… What makes you think that?

Kentucky vs. Arkansas Post Game Coach Cal Press Conference and Player Interview Videos

Kentucky Wildcats TV have published their Arkansas post game videos. They haven’t posted any highlights yet, so first up is Coach Cal’s press conference with the media followed by player interview videos featuring Julius Randle, Alex Poythress, and Willie Cauley-Stein. Below each video you’ll have a rough transcript we typed up of the questions the media asked the coach and players.


Cal, was this just simply they made free throws and you didn’t?

John, it looked like some guys were hesitant to shoot from the perimeter–this is the second straight game where you guys have struggled to make anything away from the basket. How much of a problem… [cut off by Cal saying that the guards didn’t play well–he said they were horrendous]

Some people projected a 2 team league [making the NCAA tournament] over the course of the week. Do you think Arkansas… [cut off by Cal saying the SEC should get in 5 or 6 teams]

John, how disappointing is it at this time of the year to have a team that takes two steps back?

Cal, with all the talk about that celebration after the LSU win and what that would do… Did you think this team had turned a corner, or did you know that this was going to…

Cal, you talk about how this was a good lesson tonight. Are you starting to worry that your team is running out of time to learn from these lessons?

Cal, you’ve talked a lot this year about this game–before the game you kind of talked about–the players talked about having fun, you’ve talked about having them encourage each other… [cut off by Cal]

Let me ask you, you’ve talked about having them compliment each other, and huddle the right way, and touch each other. Are you running out of buttons, I mean are you getting exhausted with all these things?

John, can you explain the number of lobs that you guys attempted that weren’t successful? Is it just guys trying to make an easy play and make a simple play harder or…?

John, what did you think of Willie [Cauley-Stein] being active?

Talk about Julius Randle’s minutes…


I believe a question was asked about the quick turnaround with having to play on Saturday and being able to get this game out of his mind…

Julius, is it as simple as missed free throws?

You all only had 7 assists. Does that ball have to do a better job of moving?

With your all’s size is it surprising that you all missed so many around the basket?

Why is this team having trouble closing games–especially at home, Julius? What’s missing? First Florida, and then tonight against Arkansas.

Calipari said this should have been one of the fun games for you all. Obviously losing is no fun… but during the game, do you sense that you and your teammates are enjoying yourselves?



Alex, talk about down the stretch of that game–you guys kept missing free throws, they made some–do you feel like that’s ultimately what won it for Arkansas?

What is it with this Arkansas team that is tough for you guys? Why do you struggle against them?

Calipari said two guys quit. Any idea who those guys were?

Do you feel like anybody quit?

So why do you think that Calipari would say that [that two guys quit during the game]?

Do you feel like you guys, with this league since you’re Kentucky, do you guys get everybody’s best game? I mean, that’s what it seems like–you’re playing teams that are basically fighting for their lives right now with the NCAA tournament coming up.

Do you think they played better this time than last time?



The last two possessions in regulation and the first two possessions in overtime you all don’t ever get the ball to the rim because of a blocked shot, a turnover, whatever… How frustrating is that at this time of the year to have that happen four times in a row?

Is it a good thing or a bad thing that you have such a short turnaround to Saturday?

Cal said that you guys are still player driven–he’s doing too much on the sidelines. Do you feel like somebody needs to step up, whoever it is, to kind of take the lead out on the court?

Willie, why do you think you are having trouble closing out games at home? Florida, and the now this game, you’ve got a lead late and can’t hold on to it?

Kentucky vs. LSU Highlights, Post Game Coach Cal Press Conference, and Player Interview Videos

Kentucky Wildcats TV from YouTube are once again back with post game videos–this time for the LSU game at Rupp. First up are highlights of the game followed by Coach Cal’s press conference addressing the media’s questions. Lastly are player interview videos featuring Julius Randle, Andrew Harrison, and Aaron Harrison. Below the videos are rough transcripts I wrote of the questions the media asked the coach and players.


Cal, you’ve talked before about wanting your team to sort of stick with it when things don’t go their way–just keep playing. How much is today an example of keeping playing?

John, the fact that you did get out with a “W” and we saw some emotion from your team there at the end over in the corner with Julius, Andrew, and all like that… I mean is that a step, I mean this team hasn’t always shown a lot of emotion?

John, you’ve got guys who are passing up open 15 footers to take contested, contorted shots in the lane. Is that just how this team’s going to have to play?

Was this one of those games that you felt like Julius–he was struggling offensively until that last one went in–that he found a way to help you guys… [gets cut off by Cal]

Coach, can you talk about the excitement level in the locker room, and how this helps in February–a win like this–how it helps and propels your team?

Cal, what does it say about Andrew’s progress that he had a bad shooting night but was able to make those two free throws to send it to overtime?

John, was that more of the way you want James [Young] to try to play through contact when he goes inside?

John, usually when your big guys switch on the other team’s guards they really defend… [Anthony] Hickey was able to do some business. Why do you think that was the case?


With that loose ball at the end of the game, how did you get to it first? Did you just follow the flight or?

Julius, do you feel some times, you talk about the basketball gods, did you feel like they were working against you a few times? You had one, I know there in overtime it just didn’t go down…

You guys didn’t make any jump shots, Julius–hardly any. How dangerous is that if that would continue?

Talk about the obvious… I mean talk about being confident, talk about wanting to win, talk about you know you can win but want a game like this, talk about who you are… freshman/seniors–forget about that nonsense. It’s gotta help your confidence winning a game like this.



You’re smiling. Talk about the game at the end and what it felt like.

What did you see on the last play that Julius made, on the put-back?

Talk about the pressure. The up and back pressure of overtime.

What does this win do for your team?

Not a great outside shooting night for anybody on UK. Was it an emphasis to get to the rim?

Were you guys worried down 74-71 in OT?



Talk about what happened on that play where you fell and hit your head.

Were you seeing stars or anything, or were you just scared that you had fallen pretty hard?

I think like the next possession you dove on the ground again. You must not have thought about it for too long.

Andrew looked pretty concerned when he came over to you. Did he say anything or did you notice that?

What did you see on Julius’ shot there at the last second? Did you get to see it? What was going through your mind?

How much did you all just need a kind of moment like that dog pile at the end of the game?

Is that the kind of moment that you can kind of propel yourselves forward?

Where does the team go now from this win? What kind of confidence does this build?

Kentucky at Ole Miss Highlights and Post Game Coach Cal and Players Press Conference Videos

The good folks at Kentucky Wildcats TV have posted the post game Ole Miss videos. First up are highlights of the game followed by a very short Coach Cal press conference. The final video is a player’s press conference that features Julius Randle and Aaron Harrison. Like usual, I have written up a rough transcript below of what the media asked the coach and players.


How did you like the way you guys closed this one out?

[Andy] Kennedy called it “Kentucky boredom” when Ole Miss was able to make the run… would you agree with that assessment?

Cal, you’ve talked about young teams hanging their head. What does it say about the way you guys came out and started coming off Florida?

This guy to your left [Julius Randle] hit 10 straight free throws during that stretch and finally I think you went 8 minutes without a bucket before he got that last one…


Hey Julius, with the play the coach was talking about, I think the score was 76-70 and you got the ball in the lane there… How does comes about? I mean is there a play called or how does that come about?

This is for both of you guys… What is it, you know, Cal talks about a young team will kind of hand their heads sometimes. What does it say that coming off that Florida game you guys came out and played the first half you played?

Aaron, you guys had it in pretty good shape–I think you were up 22. Why do you think it slipped all the way down to where you needed some clutch plays?

People have waited for you guys to have this complete game–this one big breakout to finally say your there. Is this maybe just a case where it’s going to be inch-by-inch where you play 30 good minutes against Florida, maybe 35 against Ole Miss on the road. Do you think you’re inching towards that game–does it feel that way?

What did you all do in the first half? Why do you think you all played so well in the first half?

Aaron talked yesterday about finding that balance between each of your personal goals, because most of the guys on this team have spent a lot of years now thinking individually about getting to the next level, balancing that with the team concept. At what point has that started to kick in more for you guys? Where the team maybe matters as much as the individual…?

You guys have had your struggles at the line in some games, but how do you explain making 19 straight down the stretch tonight?

Julius, you made quite a few down the stretch. How easier does it get when they’re going in to make the next one and then make the next one?

Were you aware when it happened that you had made 10 in a row? When you got to 6 or 8 did you go to the line thinking about it?

Julius, 14th double-double for you. I guess at this point in the season, are these kind of performances you’re expecting to have? I mean are you expecting to go out there and put up those kind of numbers every night?

Julius, you guys made a lot of threes in the first half. How much does that help open things up for the inside guys when the perimeter shooting is working?

I know communication has been something you all have been working on. How do you feel you communicated in the first half leading to that big run, and then in the second half when Ole Miss made their run?

What do you guys attribute the fact that you guys were so dominate on the offensive boards? Why do you think that was?

Hey Julius, the Ole Miss coach was not very happy with his team’s inside play… he sort of suggested they didn’t put up enough of a fight against you guys around the basket. How do you gauge, you know, how much they competed with you guys around the basket?