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Kentucky Basketball 2013-2014 Full Game Replays

***REQUEST: If you’re willing to share your copies of UK basketball games from any year (in either digital, VHS, DVD, or BluRay format) that aren’t available on our site, please use THIS PAGE to contact us. We’re trying to put together as many replays of games as possible for BBN to watch.***

If you’re looking for the UK vs. Kansas State NCAA tournament game, it isn’t allowed on YouTube–so you’ll have to download it from MEGA using THIS LINK.

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Kentucky Basketball Game Replays

Throughout the 2013-2014 season we plan on posting 720p HD replays of every UK game. Check back often for new videos as this page will continue to expand throughout the season. Replays are typically available the night of or the morning after a game airs.

Please note that replays are generally available either very late the night of a game or very early the following morning. If a video has a gray thumbnail instead of a screenshot from the actual game, that means it’s currently uploading and processing on YouTube. This process can take several hours to finish, so thanks for your patience.

The replays will be hosted on YouTube and should work across all platforms and operating systems. The videos have been tested on Windows using Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, iOS using Safari, and Android using Mozilla Firefox — and they work just fine on all of them. If you come across a browser they don’t work on, please comment and let us know.


Archiving the Games

Do you want to download and archive the games for later/offline viewing? No problem. Follow these easy steps.

1. Right-click the title text of the game you want to download (the text just underneath the thumbnail) then left-click the option to copy the URL. In Chrome and Firefox this option is called “Copy link address” and “Copy link location” respectively. Internet Explorer will say something along the lines of “Copy Shortcut.”

2. Navigate to the KeepVid website. Once the site has loaded, paste the URL you copied from step 1 into their text box and then hit the “DOWNLOAD” button. Note: you’ll need Java installed to use this site, and you will be prompted to install it if Java isn’t on your machine.

3. You should get a prompting to allow Java to run. Allow it. Now you will be at a page that provides you with multiple download options. Click on your preferred resolution and file format and the file will start downloading to your PC.

Once finished downloading, the file should open in your favorite media player, but if you have issues getting it to play, I recommend trying these players in this order: VLC Media Player, Media Player Classic Home Cinema (MPC-HC), and Windows Media Player.

177 thoughts on “Kentucky Basketball 2013-2014 Full Game Replays

  1. Thanks for the site. I’ve come here to watch some recent UConn classics (as I’m a UConn fan) as we have owned UK lately. A little ribbing aside, it’s a great site and Big Blue fans are lucky to have it. You guys take your college ball seriously. I can appreciate that. And I listened to some of the Leach commentary. Never heard of him as it is a local station, but he’s a great commentator, especially for a local/regional radio guy.

    • I appreciate the comment. You guys have owned us lately, that is true–it is very frustrating. UConn has become one of UK fans’ most disliked teams now thanks to last year and 2010-2011, so congrats for that. :P But yeah, Tom Leach is one of the best in the business, which is why I recently started doing the radio sync replays–a lot of UK fans would rather listen to him than most of the TV guys.

      • Plus, thanks so much for the website in general. Over the years I have searched and searched on youtube, search engines, etc, for highlights or full replays of certain games. Basketball & football both. And now I can see basically relive any game I want. Like the 2001 UNC @ UK in Rupp. Tayshaun hit 5 straight 3’s to start the game and the 5th one he shot from the UK at center court. When people say “He’s in the zone”…they are talking about Tayshaun that day! I was there with my best friend who happens to be a die hard Carolina fan. One of my all time favorite UK memories. Thanks again! What an awesome site!

        • You bet. And yeah, Prince was definitely “in the zone” during that 2001 UNC game. It was an amazing way to start the game, that’s for sure. I’m glad to hear you are enjoying the site. A LOT of work by a few people has gone into getting this many replays available, and there are still several hundred more games to go that I have on VHS–so stay tuned and check back often. GO CATS!

  2. I come back here and watch the last few minutes of the Louisville, Michigan, and Wisconsin games every 4-6 week or so while waiting for the new season :-D Can’t wait for the 14-15 Cats! Thanks for getting all these games together for us!

    • Nice! :) I have rewatched the end of those games a few times myself. I can’t wait for the 14-15 season either, especially after getting to see the Cats play in August.

    • I wish I did, but I didn’t record the radio broadcast of that game–I didn’t think of trying to sync them together until the Michigan game. I still need to sync the championship game, but I just haven’t felt up to going through that game again yet. I’ll do it before the summer tour starts though. Back to topic… if someone can find a link to the Tom Leach and Mike Pratt radio broadcast of that game I will gladly try to sync it up.

  3. Are you planning on providing any games broadcast on the SEC network during the 2014-15 season? Don’t know if my cable provider will be contracting with the network as of yet. I live in the”sticks” and my provider is small time. If you need any monetary assistance to do this (within reason) don’t hesitate to contact me via email. Thank you for all you do! Go Cats!

    • Hi Tim, yes I’ll have replays available on here for the 2014-2015 season that will air on the new SEC Network (including the recently announced summer games that will air on ESPNU and the SEC Network).

    • You’re talking about the 2013-2014 season Big Blue Madness, right? If so, I just tried both versions on this page and they both worked fine for me. What happens when you try to watch it?

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