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Kentucky Basketball Live Video and Audio Streams

With the basketball season over, our next live streaming events will not be until football season starts. Check back on this page this fall for UK football game live stream links.

If you're looking for replays of this season's UK basketball games, then visit our 2016-2017 basketball replays page.
If you're looking for replays of this season's UK football games, then visit our 2016-2017 football replays page.

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2016-2017 University of Kentucky Basketball Schedule

10/09/2016 Kentucky 2-hour Open Practice
10/14/2016 Big Blue Madness
10/21/2016 Blue-White Game
10/30/2016 Kentucky vs. Clarion (Exhibition)
11/06/2016 Kentucky vs. Asbury (Exhibition)
11/11/2016 Kentucky vs. Stephen F. Austin
11/13/2016 Kentucky vs. Canisius
11/15/2016 Kentucky vs. Michigan State
11/20/2016 Kentucky vs. Duquesne
11/23/2016 Kentucky vs. Cleveland State
11/25/2016 Kentucky vs. UT Martin
11/28/2016 Kentucky vs. Arizona State
12/03/2016 Kentucky vs. UCLA
12/07/2016 Kentucky vs. Valparaiso
12/11/2016 Kentucky vs. Hofstra
12/17/2016 Kentucky vs. North Carolina
12/21/2016 Kentucky at Louisville
12/29/2016 Kentucky at Ole Miss
01/03/2016 Kentucky vs. Texas A&M
01/07/2016 Kentucky vs. Arkansas
01/10/2016 Kentucky at Vanderbilt
01/14/2016 Kentucky vs. Auburn
01/17/2016 Kentucky at Mississippi State
01/21/2106 Kentucky vs. South Carolina
01/24/2016 Kentucky at Tennessee
01/28/2016 Kentucky vs. Kansas
01/31/2016 Kentucky vs. Georgia
02/04/2016 Kentucky at Florida
02/07/2016 Kentucky vs. LSU
02/11/2016 Kentucky at Alabama
02/14/2016 Kentucky vs. Tennessee
02/18/2016 Kentucky at Georgia
02/25/2016 Kentucky vs. Florida
02/28/2016 Kentucky vs. Vanderbilt
03/04/2016 Kentucky at Texas A&M
03/08/2016 to 03/12/2016 SEC Tournament

Live Video Stream for Many Kentucky Games


In order to watch games on ESPN3, you will need to have a participating Internet Service Provider. Click here for a current list of qualifying providers. In order to watch games on WatchESPN, you must be a cable TV subscriber. The nice thing about ESPN3 is that you can watch replays of the games after they air for up to a week.

Live Audio Stream for All UK Games

UK Athletics All Access

UK Athletics provides an online audio stream of the UK IMG radio broadcast to everyone worldwide for every single Kentucky basketball game. They even stream a 1 1/2 hour pre-game show with Oscar Combs, Dave Baker, and Matt Jones before every game. Coach Cal also shares his pre-game thoughts as well. Lastly, the audio stream includes a post game radio show after every game too.

Want to listen to even more UK pre and post game radio shows? Tune in to 630 WLAP on iHeart Radio 2 1/2 hours before a game starts to listen to the Kentucky Sports Radio (KSR) pre-game show. Also, as soon as the UK post game show ends, KSR starts their hour long post game show.