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UK Basketball Videos 2014-2015 Season

Karl Towns Jr., Trey Lyles, Devin Booker, and Tyler Ulis have committed to the Kentucky Wildcats for the 2014-2015 class. We have mixtape videos of all the guys, and will work on adding more videos for the 2014-2015 season very soon, so stay tuned.

Trey Lyles Mixtape (Ranked #7)

Karl Towns Jr. Mixtape (Ranked #9)

Devin Booker Mixtape (Ranked #18)

Tyler Ulis Mixtape (Ranked #25)




Hoopmix Tapes

Hoopmix tapes are short highlight videos that people record and then mash together to make a compilation video out of them. These videos get posted on YouTube and if the player is popular enough they usually go viral. Most of the videos are created during a player’s high school or AAU basketball seasons. Usually the best mixtapes are a compilation of the best highlights from an entire season. We will try to provide you with these kind of videos.

On August 24th, 2013, Kentucky missed out on the #5 overall player Emmanuel Mudiay. He announced live during the Elite 24 game that his college decision is to attend SMU and be coached by hall of famer Larry Brown. Mudiay was Coach Cal’s #1 target for PG, but due to this decision Cal is pursuing other options, with the most recent one being Tyler Ulis. Coming in at 5’8″, Ulis doesn’t appear to be the prototypical Calipari point guard, but if Cal is willing to give him a spot on the team, he must be pretty good.

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