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Women’s Kentucky Basketball Replays

UPDATE ON 11/18/2014: A “quick” replay of today’s Kentucky vs. Morehead State game should be ready to watch right here 5-10 minutes after the game ends. I’ll add a commercial free version later on tonight. Also, I’ll eventually go back through and add the exhibition game and the first regular season game soon too.

UPDATED ON 11/18/2014 AT 10:20 AM (EASTERN): The “quick” replay was auto flagged/blocked due to a TV commercial… so a commercial free replay has been added below of the Kentucky vs. Baylor game. I’m currently trying a few things out to get more games added. I’ll update you guys when more is known.

UPDATED ON 11/17/2014 AT 9:40 PM (EASTERN): Several people have requested women’s games from this 2014-2015 season. First up is the Baylor game. This is a “quick” replay with the commercials (EDIT: It got auto banned… commercial free version to come). If people would like to see them, then , then I can try to get the exhibition and first game of the season ready at some point as well (leave a comment if you’d like to see them).

If there are other big-time games like this one in the future played by the lady Cats then we’ll do our best to provide a replay for you. With Coach Mitchell running the program, we expect only great things to come.

The replay is hosted on YouTube and should work across all platforms and operating systems. The video has been tested on Windows using Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, iOS using Safari, and Android using Mozilla Firefox — and it works just fine on all of them. If you come across a browser the video doesn’t work on, please comment and let us know.


Archiving the Games

Do you want to download and archive the games for later/offline viewing? No problem. Follow these easy steps.

1. Right-click the title text of the game you want to download (the text just underneath the thumbnail) then left-click the option to copy the URL. In Chrome and Firefox this option is called “Copy link address” and “Copy link location” respectively. Internet Explorer will say something along the lines of “Copy Shortcut.”

2. Navigate to the KeepVid website. Once the site has loaded, paste the URL you copied from step 1 into their text box and then hit the “DOWNLOAD” button. Note: you’ll need Java installed to use this site, and you will be prompted to install it if Java isn’t on your machine.

3. You should get a prompting to allow Java to run. Allow it. Now you will be at a page that provides you with multiple download options. Click on your preferred resolution and file format and the file will start downloading to your PC.

Once finished downloading, the file should open in your favorite media player, but if you have issues getting it to play, I recommend trying these players in this order: VLC Media Player, Media Player Classic Home Cinema (MPC-HC), and Windows Media Player.

6 thoughts on “Women’s Kentucky Basketball Replays

  1. Would it be possible to get replays of the women’s games for this season, especially those not televised or only shown on the internet? Thanks for all you do, have really enjoyed your site!

    • I’ve been trying to find a good way to acquire those online only replays, but they’re much trickier to do them (at least in good quality) than the ones that come on TV. I’ll keep looking into different ways though.

  2. Unless there is a Neil Price Radio Sync, I personally prefer a commercial free version of all women’s games. I know it’s time consuming but be assured I really do appreciate all your efforts for the BBN.

    • Thanks for the comment. At this time, I don’t plan on doing a radio sync version of the women’s games. I will definitely consider doing a commercial free version though if enough people want them.

    • Eric, I’m afraid I don’t currently have that game nor do I have access to it anywhere. If I ever see it come up though, I’ll be sure to add it.

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